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Audio Samples

Please enjoy the following excerpts of works of Anne Kilstofte.

Chamber Works

Songs of the Night Wind, String Quartet Number 2

Movement 1 At a Window, sample, beginning of work

Movement 2 Summer Stars, sample, beginning of movement

Movement 3 Horse Fiddle, sample, middle of climax

Movement 4 Stars, Songs, Faces, sample, middle section

Choral Works

Children of Peace, sample

For You, sample beginning

For You, sample ending

Hodie Christus, sample

Mirabile Mysterium, sample

Nunc Dimittus, sample

Organ Works

Fractals, sample, Chorale section

Norsk Fantasi, sample

Vocal Works

Whispers excerpts;

Japanese Lullaby, sample

Nightfall in Dordrecht, sample

Sicilian Lullaby, sample

Choral, Orchestral Works

Requiem for Still Voices excerpts;

Movement 1 God's World, sample, middle section

Movement 3 Smile, Death, sample, beginning

Movement 4 The Ship, sample, beginning

Movement 5 Come, Lovely, second verse

Movement 6 The Divine Lullaby, sample, middle

Movement 7 Lux Aeterna, sample, beginning

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